Welcome to the Stitch R-XP FAQ.


1. Blackwork Fill Does Not Work [28.10.05]

If you attempt to fill an area with blackwork and get the message "Cannot Find Motif File" then perform the following:-

a) Double click on "My Computer" and then double click C:\ drive
b) Locate the "Program Files\ILSOFT\StitchRXP" folder and open it
c) Locate the BLACKWORK.MOT file, right click it and choose RENAME
d) Change the name to BLACKWORK.RXM
e) Blackwork fills will now work correctly.

2. Program Crashes On Startup

The registry key may be corrupted. Version 1.08 may fix this

Alternatively try deleting the key as follows:-
a) Click the start menu and choose “RUN” then type “REGEDIT” and click OK
b) Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the list on the left and expand the tree
c) Locate SOFTWARE in the tree and expand it’s sub tree
d) LOCATE ILSOFT and expand it’s subtree
e) LOCATE StitchRXP – highlight it and press the DELETE key to remove it.

3. Flood Fill Is Not Enabled

Flood fill only works at zoom level 5 or higher. Zoom in and the icon
will become enabled!

4. R-XP crashes When loading and trying to preview .PT6 files

Update your program to version 1.04 or later using the patches on this site